The Mühlviertel is one of four "quarters" of Upper Austria and it is named from the rivers flowing through Große Mühl, Kleine Mühl, and Steinerne Mühl.

Relationship with Nature

Relationship with Nature
Mühlviertel, The Excursion and Recreation Area

The Mühlviertel, as one of the last pristine region in Austria, provides the perfect base for the production of a pure whiskey. Hewn out of granite and gneiss, the Mühlviertel stretches across north-eastern Upper Austria and is characterised by untouched forest landscape, bubbling springs and widespread heathland. The Mühlviertel in its current concept, exists since 1779. 

In the midst of smooth hills and tranquil villages, where time seems to stand still, the golden grain flourish and the best water flows the soils of this mountainous region. Here you can drink a genuine piece of Austria.