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White Swan Gin

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On the wings of the royal bird.
The proverbial purity and beauty of the swan is symbolic of the brilliance and perfection of the distillates in “White Swan”. A total of nine botanicals are used for this dry gin, namely: juniper, anise, oranges, citrus, cassia bark, cardamom, pine needles, pepper and lavender. This gin is the epitome of perfect harmony. On the palate it is flattering at the beginning, but then in the finish it is impressively strong and multi-layered playful. The aroma is long-lasting and encourages the next sip. As a gin and tonic, the White Swan Gin shows that it is a real king. The invigorating freshness of the tonic and the clarity of the ice literally unfold the wings of the royal bird.


Auf den Wunschzettel
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Gin and Vodka from White Swan
Whether the vodka with its cool scent, the fine vanilla notes and the crystal-clear freshness on the palate or the gin with its typical juniper scent, surrounded by a juicy, fresh citrus note, rounded off by spicy cassia bark: What both products have in common is the perfect harmony of all taste nuances as well a unique elegance. And here the circle comes full circle to the common brand symbol, the elegant, myth-shrouded “White Swan”.

The story behind the name
How did this name come about? Peter Affenzeller is often asked that. The real story began at the beautiful Traunsee in Upper Austria. Peter likes to spend time there by the water, letting his thoughts wander, collecting ideas, ideas and visions. And exactly on such a beautiful, relaxed day at the lake, a white swan overtook his boat. He saw this swan and the noble animal returned his eye contact. A short, beautiful, almost magical emotional connection between humans and animals emerged. And it was precisely at this moment that the entrepreneur from Mühlviertel decided that he would like to create a product line from this beautiful creature, this name and this appearance. White is the color of cleanliness and purity and, in color theory, also stands for eternity. The swan, on the other hand, is very elegant and sublime, you could almost say majestic. That fits together perfectly. The lines of the White Swan brand symbol are also adapted to the international symbol of water and thus also reflect the purity of this important element.

Capacities / alcohol
0.35 liters, 0.7 liters, 1.5 liters, 3 liters – 44.7% VOL

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0,35 Liter, 0,7 Liter, 1,5 Liter, 3 Liter


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